Specialist Shoulder Knee Surgeon
The Shoulder joint is the most mobile joint of the body and has maximum range movements . It's stability is dependent on dynamic factors, such as balance and strength of supporting ligaments and muscles. Shoulder problems / ailments cause a lot of functional disability, distress, unbearable pain to the patients.

We offer the latest, efficient and effective methods of treatment for shoulder conditions. Our Treatment Protocols are -

-Purely Scientific
-Patient friendly
-Pain free

Common Shoulder conditions we treat are -

1.Frozen Shoulder
2.Rotator cuff tear / Tendon tear
3.Calcific Tendinitis
4.Labral tear / Ligament tear ( Gym / Sports injuries)
5.Shoulder dislocation
6.Shoulder Arthritis
7.AC joint Dislocation/ Sprain
8.Fractures around the Shoulder

Our Services

1.Proper clinical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of all Shoulder conditions / ailments
2.Shoulder Knee Clinic Shoulder Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Program (SKC Shoulder Rehab )
3.Shoulder Arthroscopy
4.Bankart's repair
5.Latarjet's procedure
6.Rotator cuff repair
7.SLAP repair
8.Reverse Shoulder Replacement (RSR)
9.Total Shoulder Replacement (TSR)