Santosh Bhan

Total Knee Replacement (T.K.R.) Surgery

You performed TKR surgery for both knees on my mother in Feb 13. She was 81 years then.
While we were quite apprehensive about undertaking the risk because of her age and the feedback that we got from many sources, your confidence about the outcome was quite comforting and helped us to take a decision to go ahead with the surgery.
While initial 3 months of post surgery period were quite tough on her and us too, the positive changes post that period was quite amazing.
It is now almost a year and she now walks very comfortably and without any support (walking stick, etc) and MOST IMPORTANT without any pain!
This surgery has kind of brought a new lease of life in her and consequently to all of us in the family.
Wanted to put this on record that my mother, me and all the members of my family sincerely appreciate the interaction that we had with you, pre and post surgery.
Your attitude / behavior throughout was quite endearing and highly appreciated.
Wish you all the very best and many more such successful outcomes.