Preeti Deshmane

Arthroscopy Knee ACL Reconstruction

I am Preeti Deshmane, 28 years old working professional. On Sep 6, 2019, my Activa skid and my right knee got smashed between the road and the bike. Though the bruises were minute; on every step I felt like my knee wobbled. I did X-Rays – twice; there was no bone damage and I thought it could be a muscle tweak which wasn’t a major worry. The doctors suggested rest and cryotherapy, but the pain and swelling didn’t alleviate. As I continued to limp, I was impatient to bounce back to normalcy and that is when I decided to consider Dr. Abhay Kulkarni’s opinion on Sep 11, 2019.
On the very first examination, Dr. Kulkarni diagnosed an ACL as well as MCL tear and recommended a surgery. I was shocked, as what I assumed to be a muscle tweak was actually a ligament tear. The MRI clearly stated that two ligaments were torn – complete ACL tear and partial MCL tear. The clinical diagnosis presented by Dr. Kulkarni was to the point and his expertise made me trust him with the surgery, which initially I was against. While he explained the further course of action, he elaborated on surgical incisions and their lengths, the types of implants that will be used and made me aware of what I was signing up for. Dr. Manisha Jagdale – assistant doctor, was cordial and asserted me about the procedure and the recovery. Being aware of what lies ahead convicted method though the process is tedious, I will recuperate soon and I owe this confidence to Dr. Kulkarni.
The arthroscopic ACL reconstruction and MCL reconstruction was done on Sep 24, 2019 at Brahm Chaitanya Hospital. Dr. Kulkarni talked to me during the surgery making sure I wasn’t panicked. The hospital staff too was attentive and considerate. The most interesting part was the physiotherapy sessions post-surgery. The physiotherapy module designed by Dr. Kulkarni proved so efficacious that I was able to bend my leg ‘180 degrees’ (heels touching thighs) within 10 days. Apart from me, my physiotherapists were shaken to core, as an ACL+MCL reconstruction normally takes 30-45 days to reach where I had and I can’t be more grateful that Dr. Kulkarni was my surgeon.
During post-operative consultations, Dr. Kulkarni carefully observed my progress and guided me on taking baby steps. I used to swim, run and cycle and after a year today, I continue to do the same with no extra efforts. I am thankful to Dr. Manisha Jagdale for being compassionate throughout and assuring me of the convalescence. Dr. Abhay Kulkarni has proven to be the best orthopaedic surgeon I have come across so far. He very well comprehends the needs and capabilities of his patients and is thoughtful while advising. I am obliged to Dr. Kulkarni for a well-executed surgery and I highly recommend him.